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What if every day could be you at your best? Sharp focus, clear thinking, a quick mind, and a happy, relaxed alertness that's ready to take on your day? That's what we wanted, so that's why we created Noobru™, to give the brain everything it needs to unlock its peak performance.

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11 Great Reasons To Choose Noobru™ Advantage

We rigorously selected the 11 active ingredients in Noobru™, and worked with medical doctors to fine-tune the optimal doses to create the most effective yet delicious-tasting formula we’re proud of—a synergistic blend far more potent than the sum of its individual parts.

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Dr. Aarti Narayan-Denning

Dr. Aarti Narayan-Denning


“Noobru™ has everything; it will do what your body needs it to do, depending on what time of day it is—that’s how it’s made”

Academic Press

Academic Press

"Actual prevention of cognitive decline"

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“After trying NooBru I have felt more energetic especially during the morning times. I have found nooobru to be beneficial during gym time.”

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Our Mission:

To Fortify 1 Billion Meals by 2025

1 in 3 child deaths globally are caused by malnutrition. That’s why we’re working with Project Healthy Children, who work with millers to add critical nutrients to flour as it is milled. Lives are saved and children can grow up healthy and strong like they deserve. What part do Noobru™ users play in this? Every purchase of Noobru™ will fortify a child’s meals for a year. That’s a very tangible difference!

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With your help, so far we've fortified 543,970 meals for children.

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With your help, so far we've fortified 2360020 meals for children.

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