Between a Rock and a Hard Place, There’s Hope: Ashwagandha

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We’ve all been there. You wake up a little groggy and just want to snooze for a little longer, but you can’t because of the thing that you have to do, you know, that thing you’ve been putting off.

So, after a choice word or two about the day, you pull yourself out of bed and go grudgingly about your morning routine. Maybe you’ll feel better after your morning brew.

Narrator: “They did not, in fact, feel better after their morning brew”

Instead, all it meant was that you’d run out of excuses before having to get to work and do the thing. You stare at the task, discouraged and overwhelmed; where do you even start? It wouldn’t be so bad if you hadn’t left it for so long, but it’s just been weighing on you so much. It started as a niggling feeling of “I should really do the thing”, but you kept procrastinating, and here you are all this time later, and absolutely needs to be done now.

Maybe another brew will do the trick—or maybe something a little stronger, to settle your nerves. Yes, that’s it, if you could only just relax a little first you’re sure you could do the thing; it’s a state of mind, after all, right? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do the thing, so why does it seem so hard?

You decide to take a break before you start work, as that way you’ll be able to give it your best for sure. You have a drink, maybe play a game to take your mind off things. You feel a bit bad because this is time you’ll have to catch up on later, but it’s self-care, isn’t it?

Half an hour into your twenty-minute break, you realise you’re still not relaxed yet; you contemplate the clock and decide to take it to an hour and then come at the task all guns blazing. When the hour’s up, you do feel a little more relaxed, but that’s followed by a sinking feeling as you realise that you still have the thing to do now, but you have an hour less in which to do it and you haven’t even started.

You realise that what you really need in order to do the thing is a bigger block of time, and to not be worrying about some other smaller tasks that you could get done quickly and easily if you did them now. That’s the trick! You put the thing from your mind, and do the little tasks instead. You are productive after all! It doesn’t matter that you didn’t do the thing today. It’s waited this long, after all, it can wait another day.

Later in the day, you decide the best thing you can do to get the task done tomorrow is to try to relax for the rest of today. Maybe your partner has ideas about how you could enjoy yourself with them, but your mind keeps wandering elsewhere and your body’s responses are reflecting that. You start to think you’re a failure in every aspect of life. Angry at yourself, you decide that tomorrow you’re going to get up early and do the thing straight away first thing, no excuses.

The next day, you wake up a little groggy and just want to snooze for a little longer.

How to break the cycle:

First, we need to break down what the cycle is. It’s not that you’re inherently lazy, useless, disorganized, worthless, or anything else that you’ve been telling yourself you are.

Rather, like far more people in the world than will care to admit it, you’re being kept paralysed between stress and anxiety. If it were to go on for long enough, we’d have to add depression to the list, and then that takes a lot of climbing out of.

So, how to nip it in the bud before needing expensive and time-consuming therapy, and/or medications that may have side-effects you don’t want?

If only there were harmless but powerful natural anxiolytics (substances with anti-anxiety properties) that also work to calm stress without reducing your performance (after all, Dutch courage only gets you so far and is hardly a performance enhancer).

As it turns out, even just one of the 11 active ingredients in Noobru™ has been found to do both of those things and moreThe humble ashwagandha root, or at least, the well-studied strain that we use (KSM-66 Ashwagandha®) has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries, but has more recently come under a scientific spotlight; with 1,158 peer-reviewed studies under its belt, it’s been indicated that KSM-66 Ashwagandha® can reduce stress without causing stupefaction, and reduce anxiety without reducing alertness—and to top it all, it can also improve memory and sexual function.

Sometimes all we need is a little break from the hard time our own brain is giving us. Our stress responses and our anxiety responses evolved to be entirely appropriate for us when our day’s difficulties included such things as not being a meal for a sabre-toothed tiger. Nowadays, however, “avoid the scary thing at all costs” isn’t an appropriate response to a task that we’ve been putting off.

So, that’s what ashwagandha can do for us. Allows us to take on our day’s challenges with that extra edge of having dropped that unnecessary extra stress and anxiety. Well, that and improves blood flow, hence the benefits to memory and sexual function. But we’re prepared to take them as side-effects!

Of course, if you’d like some of that in your life, and you’re looking for the best way to take KSM-66 Ashwagandha® to get the best benefits of it, then you’ll be looking to take it a drink (much higher absorption rate than pills) but as a suspension not an infusion (more of the active ingredient present), and preferably in the presence of other substances that will increase its absorption and its effectiveness.

So, in short, and we may be biased but let’s face it, we made this product because we wanted it ourselves, if you want this ingredient in the best possible way for the best possible results, you really do want Noobru™!



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  • Vivien Forder

    I am up to day 7.Totally agree with all you wrote.I do feel 20 yrs younger, being 80 in a few months time. Noobru doesn’t really help pain or mobility but is brilliant mentally, does help with hand writing,hand eye co-ordination and perseverance with tasks.Easier to get out of bed,more alert and taking notice of nature. Thank you Noobru,l shall recommend you to all my friends,have done 2 all ready.Please don’t go bust like brain gen must have done.With heartfelt thanks for the improvment and kind thoughts VLF.

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