Advantage, Pro and Shield - Whats the difference?

So you're checking out the Noobru range and wondering, 'What's the difference?'  - You've come to the right place...


Noobru Advantage is our flagship product and with its 11 select active ingredients, is widely considered the best all-rounder nootropic stack. As well as offering many benefits to memory, learning, creativity, and accuracy, it can also promote a calm, relaxed, happy alertness, without jitters or crashes. It can be taken any time of day (it can literally help with either waking you up in the morning or settling you down to sleep at night—it supports what your brain needs to do at the time you take it), and is blended to smooth over stress and anxiety while helping you to enjoy an extra feeling of clear mindfulness. It also promotes athletic performance and has a host of benefits for your long-term brain health.

Noobru Pro is for when you absolutely require to pack a punch and leave your competition in the dust. With its 17 active ingredients, it could be described as “Advantage Plus”. It has all the ingredients of Advantage as its base, many of them in larger doses, plus another 6 for that extra kick, including caffeine, taurine, and acetyl-l-carnitine. Sound familiar? Yep, you’ll often find those in energy drinks. Consider it a bonus. It also has some extra vitamins such as vitamins c and d3, but that’s just the cherry on top at this point. Secret ingredient is rhodiola rosea. Ok, so it’s not really a secret, but definitely lesser-known, and it has a LOT of benefits. In short, Noobru Pro is hands-down our most powerful nootropic blend. Perhaps not best for bedtime, though!

Noobru Shield is, as the name suggests, our most “protective health”-oriented product. With many of its 13 active ingredients being included for their scientifically-supported immune support functions (by physical protection, immunoregenerative/restorative qualities, immune-stimulating properties, direct anti-microbial/anti-viral properties, or a combination of the above), it’s a product we take ourselves for good health and reassurance during times when we might be most at risk. Don’t be fooled, though, it still has nootropics and is a great head-clearer for that clear-thinking that typifies the Noobru experience. As a trivial aside, its surprisingly refreshing ginger/orange flavour is also our most popular flavour so far!


So there you have it! Now you can choose:


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