Our Story


Noobru™ was the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and bio-hacking enthusiast Martyn Cook. 

After years of using various supplements, Martyn became sick of downing countless capsules each day just to achieve his ultimate stack. He hated that the process was unenjoyable - especially when the effects weren't.

It didn't feel right. After all, we take tablets when we're sick right? Not when we're healthy!

There had to be a better way. A simpler, more enjoyable one. That's how Noobru™ was born.

After months of testing, tasting and trialling - our stack was created, in a tasty powdered form - to allow you to simply add to water and drink! 

Say goodbye to forcing down 10 battery sized capsules 3 times a day! Everything you need is in one serving of Noobru™

Our Mission

In this ever demanding world, our mission is to help you compete at your best. 

Your brain is a remarkable organ, with untapped potential just waiting to be unlocked. That’s where Noobru™ come in.

Our goal is to produce convenient, affordable mind and body supplements that are easy to use. Not only that, we’re committed to doing things the right way.

Giving Back

We want to make sure Noobru™ is brought to you with minimal impact on the environment, which is why we're vegan friendly, and you'll find no plastic anywhere in our product or packaging. 

We've also partnered with Project Healthy Children, so every sachet you order buys an entire year's worth of micronutrients for someone in need.

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With your help, so far we've fortified 223662344 meals for malnourished children.

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