17 Ways to Optimise Your Sleep

I honestly believe that there really isn't anything on earth that un-does the damage caused by a bad nights sleep!

The list of sleep benefits and body processed that occur during sleep is massive - quality sleep is critical.

So below are 17 ways you can improve the quality of your own sleep; it's a brief list and I encourage you to research these methods and others yourself -


  1. Drink Noobru Lucid - https://noobru.com/lucid
  2. Switch your evening shower down to cold for 30 seconds
  3. Reduce or Block Blue-Light exposure within 4 hours of sleep
  4. Don’t drink Caffeine and other stimulants (eg. Nicotine) within 6 hours of sleep
  5. Try to be consistent with your bed time and wake time (even at the weekend)
  6. Don’t drink alcohol
  7. Make your sleep environment ‘cave like’ - Dark, Cold — Cover all standby lights with black electrical tape, buy black-out curtains, put your phone on do not disturb.
  8. Don’t eat within 3 hours of sleep
  9. Leverage Journaling and Meditation in the evening to clear your mind
  10. Upgrade your bedding, mattress and pillow - test whats best for you.
  11. Exercise daily but not within 2 hours of sleep.
  12. Don’t confuse your body clock by sleeping during the day.
  13. Increase light exposure in the mornings - get outside, don’t wear sunglasses as you want to get the light into your eyes.
  14. Remove reminders of work and stress from your sleep environment.
  15. Switch your reading light to one that doesn’t emit blue-light (eg. noBlue amber sleep lamp)
  16. If your sleep environment isn’t silent - consider earplugs.
  17. Evict any animals from your bed and bedroom (sorry!)



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