Increases the bioavailability of many nutrients, including those in Noobru™. What this means is that your body (and brain!) will get up to seven times more of what you take, than it would if you took it without this nifty little plant extract.

What is Absorbagen™️?

Patented form of Piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper.

What is Absorbagen™️ used for?

Take a look at a selection of studies carried out on Bioperine:


Piperine is known to be a 'bioenhancer', which we've included to boost the bioavailability of other ingredients in our stack. 

  1.  "Piperine was found to increase bioavailability of different drugs ranging from 30% to 200%." View the study


  1. "These results suggest that piperine possesses potent antidepressant-like properties" View the study

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