This is a cholinergic anxiolytic, but what does that mean? Cholinergic means relating to the metabolism of choline (a vital neurotransmitter that improves memory, focus, mood, and motivation, while also combatting fatigue), and “anxiolytic” means it works against anxiety. Endurance athletes use sulbutiamine, and its use has been recommended against chronic fatigue syndrome and age-related tiredness. Sulbutiamine achieves this by also boosting the brain’s levels of thiamin (Vitamin B1) nearly two and a half times more than taking Vitamin B1 itself. Talk about a way to turbocharge your day!

What is Sulbutiamine?

Synthetic derivative of thiamine (Vitamin B1), often referred to as Upgraded Vitamin B1, as it crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily.

What is Sulbutiamine used for?

Take a look at a selection of studies carried out on Sulbutiamine:


  1. "Chronic treatment with sulbutiamine improves memory in an object recognition task" View the study

  2. "The present findings and previous results suggest that sulbutiamine improves memory formation and that this behavioral effect could be mediated by an increase in hippocampal cholinergic activity" View the study 

Focus and Energy

  1. "An improvement in thiamine status was associated with reports of being more clear headed, composed and energetic...reaction times were faster following supplementation" View the study


  1. "Overall, here we report, for the first time, the neuroprotective evidence of sulbutiamine on hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons under OGD, which may have beneficial implications as a possible therapeutic agent/substance against ischemic insult" View the study 

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