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What if every day could be you at your best? Sharp focus, clear thinking, a quick mind and a happy, relaxed alertness that’s ready to take on your day? That’s what we wanted, so that’s why we created Noobru™, to give the brain everything it needs to unlock its peak performance.

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Noobru™ has been making waves internationally since its launch in early 2020:

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11 Great Reasons To Choose Noobru™ Advantage

We rigorously selected the 11 active ingredients in Noobru™, and worked with medical doctors to fine-tune the optimal doses to create the most effective yet delicious-tasting formula we’re proud of—a synergistic blend far more potent than the sum of its individual parts.

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“After trying NooBru I have felt more energetic especially during the morning times. I have found nooobru to be beneficial during gym time.”

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Lynne R.

Noobru Advantage

So far so good. Still early days so hope to see more benefits soon. Will update the review then

Suzanne A.
United States United States

Love the “Boost”!

I love Noobru and I ordered enough for my husband to give it a try! He is noticing a new clarity in his thinking process just as I am! Thank you for this great product! We are using Advantage Noobru every day and plan to continue until forever. Suzanne

Anthony M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Early days

I suffered from 3 months of memory loss (oct-early jan 2022) from covid. Still struggling with fatigue and fog brain since then. Forgetting almost everything all the time i nearly lost my job in IT Management I started on this just a few weeks ago after trying all sorts of pills potions and remedies I do feel it has some effect and getting back to myself recalling facts and actually able to work. On the 2nd day of not taking it i am retreating back to zombie land Which i was aware of it sooner. Wish it was cheaper too! Only been a few weeks and concerned my brain will get used to it and i get lost in that deep fog again. Hence 4 stars

Linda D.
Australia Australia

Pleasantly Surprised

I noticed a difference within 3 days . My memory responded quicker. I remembered why I walked into a room until now I always remember. I have been taking it for about 4 months now and recently ordered a years supply. My partner has starting taking it too after seeing the difference in me.

Leslie T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Senior Side of Life

I am on the senior side of life, experiencing brain fog and fatique. This stuff is amazing! Not sickly sweet, nice and refreshing, not to mention it works!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Only one month and I am happy with the result so far

I have taken Noobru for one month and need to order my next month today. I have noticed some improvement. I still do that thing of going to get something and forgetting on the way what I was doing but I now notice that with a pause of a second or two and it comes back. I am also finding it easier to express myself (I was always struggling to find the words) and writing (a book) is flowing again. My brain no longer feels foggy and I am looking forward to further improvements.

Yvonne B.
Portugal Portugal

Amazing results

My memory has improved greatly, I am 80 and had to finish work by 12-30hrs because my energy had drained, I now seem to be able to continue working till 15.30hrs. Thanks to Noobru I have a new lease of life. Something i didn’t expect at this age. Thank you Noobru

Michael H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The benefits of proper sleep!

I lost my wife to cancer a couple of months ago and hadn't been sleeping at all well. Now, having just had ten nights of undisturbed sleep, the like of which I don't think I have ever experienced, I'm starting to feel as if I'm ready to face the world again. I might even wash the car..... ;-))

Sylvia H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The best

Very easy to use by keeping it in the fridge and drinking it though out day . And don’t have to worry about the tablets.

Karl T.
Canada Canada

Game changer

I have been using Noobru Advantage every day for a month now. The first thing I felt was a boost in mental energy. Within a few days, it was the speed to recall memories and names. I definitely recommend this product to everyone.

Carinne F.
Australia Australia

Delicious and Helpful

Noobru advantage is so delicious it's hard to not want more than 1 sachet. Noted it start to free my mind fog after about day 3, helped enough for me to get up and do things and then noted that not taking it over the weekend, the fog creep back in - wish it was something we could do every day.

Carol B.
Spain Spain


I was very sceptical at first but I have to admit I can’t believe the way I can now pluck things from my memory, even my partner says how on earth can you remember that. So will carry on using it and hope it will help with my short term memory which was badly affected after a brain haemorrhage. Regards Carol Brown

Our Mission:

To Fortify 1 Billion Meals by 2025

1 in 3 child deaths globally are caused by malnutrition. That’s why we’re working with Project Healthy Children, who work with millers to add critical nutrients to flour as it is milled. Lives are saved and children can grow up healthy and strong like they deserve. What part do Noobru™ users play in this? Every purchase of Noobru™ will fortify a child’s meals for a year. That’s a very tangible difference!

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With your help, so far we've fortified meals for malnourished children.